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Prices for Services in the Denver, Colorado metro area
We can also send out telegrams in quite a few other cities! Call for details. Prices will vary.

Singing Telegram
(call for a quote if outside the Denver metro area)


Balloon, Flower or Gift Basket Delivery

 $30.00 Duet  $90.00  
Phone-gram  $30.00 3 Singers/Characters $150.00
Written Telegram delivered  $30.00
Sinatragram/Serenades  $100.00 3 Singers/Characters and a Specialty Act like Belly Dancing $250.00  
Valentine- The Works  $85.00    
Belly or Hula Dancer $100.00 and up
Customized video recording of your telegram on DVD and YouTube link  $40.00
Telegram comes with one gift item included, however you can get as many gift items as you want.
Tips are always welcomed and appreciated!

We currently accept payment through PayPal and Credit Cards Online or over the phone via Mastercard and Visa.

Before paying, please call 303-399-5869.  We will need information from you to deliver your telegram. 
Prices may vary based on various factors and extra service - Our specialty is that we can customize the telegram just for the person and occasion. 
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